Renovations to increase home value? Top 7 tips to consider

Home Remodeling to increase value

Remodeling To Increase Home Value? Top 7 Tips To Consider Are you looking for the best remodeling to increase home value? Well, we’ve got you on board. When it comes to home improvement projects, no homeowner will endeavor to inject thousands of dollars without the hope of a better return. Whether you’re planning to remodel your home to boost the aesthetics or want to sell it in the future, it’s imperative to know what gives the best value for your money. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. Below are some of the home improvement projects that can add more money to your pocket

1.Addition Of Sidings And Repair Of The Old

Installing new sidings is one of the most profitable ventures that’s always overlooked by many. By installing a new siding where none existed, you’ll improve the value of your home in three ways. First, the installation of new siding improves your home resale value. Secondly, new sidings increase the curb appeal of your home. And lastly, new siding is an energy-saving avenue. Besides its high ROI, sidings are also cheap. And a few bucks can go a long way in helping you achieve your goal.

2.Bathroom Addition And Bathroom Remodeling To Increase Home Value

Bathroom remodel is the most requested home remodeling project in Texas. But this doesn’t come without reason. Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that you’ll hardly miss every day that you spend at your home. And in most cases, your daily chores are likely to start with visiting that tiny room. Believe it or not, the freshening shower and the joy of bath tub-soaking will, for sure, soothe you. So…yeah, you can imagine the feel. And that’s what could make you never miss that in-house mini recreational room. Since many homebuyers prefer houses with a fantastic bathroom and perhaps a contemporary shower, it’s imperative to focus on the bathroom remodel to appeal to tons of interested buyers. Besides that, if your house has only one bathroom, consider adding another one since many home buyers would prefer houses with more than one bathroom. Therefore, look around and identify some of the under-utilized spaces such as areas under the stairs and closet. If you want a half tub, a full bath with a stand-up shower, or a bathtub, ensure you have at least 18, 30, or 35 square feet, respectively. Also, it’s estimated that you can gain anything between 80-130% of the cost incurred in adding an extra bathroom. Therefore, it’s a venture worth your effort and money.

3.Kitchen Addition & Kitchen Remodeling To Increase Home Value

Updating your kitchen to the current standards is yet another way to go if at all you want to increase the value of your home. With fantastic contemporary kitchen remodeling ideas and designs, the opportunities of pocketing more during a resale become endless. According to HGTV, you can recoup anything between 80-120% of the funds invested in the kitchen upgrade. But it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive! Right? Even though complete kitchen remodels can run from $5,000- $75,000, there are a few inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a sizzling look. That said, a little fresh paint can go a long way in revamping your kitchen’s visual integrity. But, when choosing paints, ensure you use neutral colors that wouldn’t be a problem to a potential buyer in the future. Applying a fresh coat of crispy paint is also one of the cheapest ways to give your kitchen a new-generation look at the cost of just a few dollars. When going for paints, ensure you buy low VOC paints. They’re eco-friendly and do not contain harmful gases such as benzene that can compromise your health. Besides applying a fresh coat of paint, you also need to replace the outdated appliances with new generation energy-saving appliances. Since your potential buyers will always shop for energy efficiency, helping them save more on energy is an outright score. Also, it’s important to avoid investing in things such as the deluxe kitchen as its chances of paying off are unclear. In case your house lacks a permanent and fully-functional kitchen, you can add one to boost the value of your home.

4.Reinvent Another Room To Add A Square Footage

Adding extra square footage by introducing a new room can be costly. But guess what? You can recoup 50-83% on the money you invested. Sounds good, right? Modifying existing space or room into a more functional space can save you more bucks while allowing you to boost home value. In such endeavors, you can finish your basement and turn it into a recreational room, remodel the attic and convert it to your bedroom or perhaps children’s playroom. Also, you can add an apartment in or over your garage and rent it out as a separate room. Since most potential buyers prefer versatile rooms, adding extra rooms is a perfect option for boosting your home value.

5.Remodel For Energy Efficiency

Since potential home buyers shop for efficiency, want to make you want to maximize energy efficiency as much as possible. To achieve that, you should ensure your attic is correctly insulated by adding an extra layer of insulation. Besides that, you should seal all the cracks that might be potential air entryways. In addition to that, you should add energy-efficient windows and doors to lower your energy expenditure during winter.

6.Decks And Patios Remodeling To Increase Home Value

The quality of your outdoor space is yet another significant factor when appraisers visit your property for a valuation. Therefore, you can get your patio or deck installed by a professional outdoor remodeling contractor and enjoy a comfortable life that comes with plenty of entertainment. If you want to earn more curb appeal, installing a patio or deck where none existed is not an option as you can recoup up to 75% of your initial patio or deck installation cost

7.Basic Maintenance And Remodeling To Increase Home Value

No matter how smart you are, your house will never be perfect without miner remodeling tasks. As such, you should contact your remodeling contractor for a maintenance contract. During the maintenance contract, our home remodeling experts will replace the wood that rot, repaint the dull areas, fix leaky roofs, and replace faulty plumbing to keep your house in tip-top condition. If you wish to carry out remodeling to increase home value, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and installation of decks and patios should be at the top of the list. And since all home buyers shop for efficiency, the addition of high-quality insulation and improvement of energy efficiency pays off. Contact us today and get a free quote for your project plus expert advice.